• MMD3000 Cutter grinder
MMD3000 Cutter grinder

MMD3000 Cutter grinder

Performance characteristics
This machine tool is a new type of knife grinder with international advanced level launched on the basis of fully digesting and absorbing similar types of machines at home and abroad. It is an indispensable equipment for sharpening various blades.
The workbench adopts advanced powerful electromagnetic chuck with super magnetic force.
Road Rail is the first to import LG-type precision linear rails to ensure high accuracy of the carriage.
The double screw structure is adopted in the stand to ensure that the grinding wheel moves vertically without clearance.
The main motor adopts a special grinding head motor, which not only has good working performance and high precision, but also is convenient for cooling.
The carriage drive adopts a hydraulic system, which runs smoothly and can change direction freely.

Technical parameters

Type MF2532 MMD3000
Maximum tool length 3200mm 3000mm
The workbench angle range 0-90° ±90°
Table width 220m 200m
Apron speed range 7-16m/min 4-25m/min
The amount of wheel feed 0.02mm 0.02mm
Wheel speed 19m/s 15m/s
Wheel size 255×205×125mm 200×100×32mm
Grinding wheel inclination 0-7° ±30°
Main motor 7.5kw 4kw
液壓電機 2.2kw 2.2kw
冷卻泵電機 0.15kw 0.15kw