The United Arab Emirates (UAE) of the Middle Eastern Persian Gulf bank is energized as a broadcast base of the used car for Africa. Japanese cars gather in "the used car special ward" of the Dubai emirate and are exported again mainly.
In the neighboring Sharjah emirate, a supplier treating the parts which I took out is accumulated by a used car.
I meet car demand to swell out with improvement of Africa for income level.
The special ward where a used car shop of 390 crowds along the highway is seen when I run a car from the world's highest building "Burj tension F" inland for approximately ten minutes.
The government is base "Dubai car zone" of the used car trade of offering help (DUCAMZ).
It is a strength that it does not take import duties, and a branch is possible in 100% of foreign capital.
I was established in 2000.
Most of products filling up 1 million square meters of sites are made in Japan.
A microbus and the trucks which a company name is written in Japanese form a line in the division where right-hand-drive cars gather.
In the sale, gross domestic product (GDP) per nobody is not rich UAE more than 40,000 dollars (approximately 3,900,000 yen).
It is countries of the East Africa that a right-hand-drive car runs.

Let's find japanese used car