The used truck export to the foreign countries increases.
As well as the country, foreign countries particularly Asia and Africa, the demand for used truck in South America increase, and many used cars are exported abroad, and a worn-out truck is all parts of the world in the country, and there is the situation to play an active part well.
For example, there is the used truck, and it is redecorated by a bus and, in Southeast Asia, is reused. I redecorate the Japanese used light truck again, and the Philippine riding together bus gym knee is used widely, too. It may be useful for easy maintenance and remodeling an older truck.
As for the Japanese used bus and the used truck, the export to the underdeveloped country including Africa is carried out flourishingly including Asia. When I went for overseas travel, there may be much Japanese which has seen a bus and the truck that a signboard is painted or a heavy industrial machine.
As for the import truck, it is useful as a means of transportation as a working car the bus even if I take any country abroad.